People often say that home is where the heart is, but as agents, we’re lucky to be able to manifest a little love within each opportunity of helping someone into their dream home. Call it Real Estate if you want – we like to think of it as matchmaking… 

Of course, we wouldn’t be doing this without friends, family, customers, and business partners like you. So thank you for the unwavering support, trust, and kindness that motivates us to always do better – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your Forever Realtors


See how Welch Team celebrates Valentine’s Day:

“This year, my wife and I started adding heart-shaped notes to our girls’ bedroom doors to share reasons why we love them – they can’t actually read them yet, but Antonia just loves the fact that there are hearts on her door.”George Pottenkulam


“My family and I make dark chocolate covered strawberries every year!”Tyler Brown


Even our Administration Team went off for a little Valentine’s Day fun at Salt Spa St. Augustine for a therapeutic salt cave session – courtesy of our gracious Leadership Team.