We’re sending lots of luck your way, and not just for one day – wishing you an absolutely magical St. Patrick’s Day!

See how Welch Team celebrates St. Patrick’s Day:

“My family and I used to go to our local Celtic festival – watched Irish step dancers, listened to Celtic music, and ate corned beef and cabbage with green beer.”Travis Moore

“Growing up, wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day was a must. It was a tradition that anyone not wearing green was game for a pinch. If you didn’t want a bunch of little bruises, you wore green. To this day, I wear green on St. Patrick’s Day just in case. 😉

In addition, we look forward to totally blowing our healthy eating plan with corned beef and cabbage. All while coming up with silly leprechaun names for each other. I believe the one that stuck for me last year was June Berry MacWillow (birth month, favorite food, favorite plant/tree).”Tamera Dallich

“Truth be told, St. Patrick’s Day didn’t mean much to me until four years ago – I joined some friends for festivities in Five Points and ended up meeting my boyfriend that night. Now that he goes to school at SCAD, we love spending the holiday with all the other fanatics of Savannah, Georgia!”Sabrina Sirotkin