Alex Verastegui

Since adjusting from life in New York until 2006, Alex has come to embrace Jacksonville's unique southern personality and local causes - continuously participating in beach cleanups, volunteering for Special Olympics, running for 5-K fundraisers, and more to get involved and share a sense of accomplishment with others in the community.

Within his career, Alex has supervised companies such as American Express Vacations, Tape Technologies, and Cue & Case, but his altruistic spirit and drive for humanitarian and environmental efforts found him craving a more fulfilling path.

Thankfully, Alex has found that his Business Development Specialist role at Welch Team has been able to satisfy these aspirations, as he attributes the team's success to strong values and an eagerness to help individuals realize their dreams and potential. Now his own professional style and understanding of success is tied to Welch Team's approach, and so he provides an immeasurable advantage to our company.

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