Considering a Career in Real Estate?

A career in real estate can be an exciting and rewarding path. Both financially and personally.

The real estate industry has a great deal to offer. When people think of a real estate agent, they often think it’s just someone who drives around showing interested buyers homes all day, puts signs in yards, submits offers and voila! In reality, there is so much more to the role. Real Estate Agents are experts in every aspect of the home buying and selling process. The big appeal to a career in real estate is both financial rewards and the personal satisfaction that comes from helping others obtain their dreams.

There are a lot of things to consider, however, before jumping full force into this opportunity.
  • Real Estate is a Great Career Choice If:
    • You love working with people
    • You enjoy getting involved with your community
    • You have a passion for all things real estate
    • You want to control your own destiny
    • You have an entrepreneurial spirit eager to take wing
    • You want unlimited earning potential
    • You are motivated by success

Remember: A Florida Real Estate License is Required

  • Warming up to the idea of becoming a real estate agent?
  • Currently enrolled in real estate school?
  • Recently licensed?
Welch Team wants to invite you to learn more about becoming a real estate expert. Both the positives and the negatives. Successful agents are always the best prepared agents. We would like to help you begin your career in real estate with full knowledge of what it takes to succeed and exceed expectations. The Welch Team is the number 1 team in sales volume in North East Florida. Our agents are selling an average of 32 homes per year each and know what it takes to succeed at a high level. They also know the pitfalls of being a highly successful agent and what it takes to keep proper work / life balance.

Call or contact us today to schedule a free career counseling session.

Our goal is to help you learn if this is the right career choice for you and your family. If it is, we’ll talk more. We currently have 3 agent positions available to up and coming agents due to the strong growth of the team.